GEOSENTRIC 2021 presents a second sub event, that is COMPAS 2021!!


COMPAS 2021 (Competition of Mapping and Analysis) is an international competition about mapping and analyzing some regional condition, entry is open to undergraduate student across southeast Asia


For you undergraduate students across southeast asia, prepare to show your best abilities and skills in mapping and analyzing regional conditions, GET CASH PRIZES and GEOID SUBMISSION (The paper will be published in a geomatics journal)!!!!


Pssttt FREE REGISTRATION!! What are you waiting for, register now to be a part of COMPAS 2021 and grab the rewards! !


Further information regarding COMPAS 2021 information can be found in the poster above.


Save the date guyss !!📌📌


Contact Person :

Neysa Amadea

ID Line : neysamadealmaas

Whatsapp : 082139111185

Safanata Azza Laksono

ID Line : safanatazz_

Whatsapp : 082228018622


For more information

IG          : geosentric.its

Line      : @atn8048e

Website : geosentric-its.com







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