Open Recruitment Staff SRE ITS 2021/2022

Open Recruitment Staff SRE ITS 2021/2022

Four billion years from now, the increase in the Earth’s surface temperature will cause a runaway greenhouse effect, heating the surface enough to melt it. By that point, all life on the Earth will be extinct.

Let’s act now! For all for all active ITS students from batch 2018-2020, who are enthusiasts in renewable energy!! Be ready to show your enthusiasm by clicking this link below:
As shown in the recruitment’s timeline, the recruitment process will be closed on the 25th of September. Therefore, do embrace yourself, prepare your CV, and register now!

Instagram: @SRE_ITS
Line@: @300iqsgh
LinkedIn: SRE Nasional
Tiktok & Twitter: sre_its

#SREITS2122 #EmpoweringIndonesia

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